'The Pulse Sound', new novel

"The Pulse Sound" by G.Ayurzana, 2015. This time the author tells the story about traditional medics of Mongolia, including Inner Mongolia of China. The title symbolizes the impulse of fate. Because, Mongolians believe that it is possible to divine the future of any person by  the pulse sound of his vessel.

The novel has five main characters:  Mendee, who is from the previous novel "White Black Red", is looking for the fabled Golden Mahakala, the idol of Kublai Khan. But after an accident he gets into a Chinese hospital, where he meets the second character of the novel, an old physician from Inner Mongolia. The third character – Nasaa, writer, works on an absurd text about a fictional war between Great Mongolia and China.  "Great Mongolia" is not in the 13th century, but in the writer's thinking, of course. There is a long love story in the novel. Nasaa felt in love with Sender, who is the fourth character, since his early childhood. The fifth main character lives in the Ulaanbaatar. This young doctor is a real professional on the sounds of vessels ...